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Do you enjoy reading and writing? Whether you want to be a business-savvy tech writer, a passionately creative novelist, dedicated teacher, or a social media expert, NKU’s English department will equip you with skills in research and writing that employers value. Students will learn to think broadly, deeply, creatively, and analytically, and find a meaningful career in anything from social media management and public relations to editing, publishing and journalism.

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Our programs are ideally suited to those who aspire to:

  • Explore reading and writing in creative and innovative ways
  • Develop cultural awareness while cultivating your own personal values and ethics
  • Build a professional foundation with excellent information and communication skills valuable for any career
  • Explore stories of all kinds in different media in their historical, cultural, and political contexts
  • Work both independently and as part of a team to solve complex problems and create noteworthy content
  • Learn how to use language to make positive change in the world

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Unique Student Experiences & Opportunities

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Put your skills and talents into real-world action and learn how employers value what English majors have to offer.

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Student Orgs & Activities

From student publications to open mic nights to the Quill and the Scroll, our student organization, there are so many ways to get involved in our student community.

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Scholarships & Awards

We feature a variety of scholarships and awards to help support your success in English at NKU.

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Charlotte (Charly) Kalfas

Charlotte (Charly) Kalfas

"Chase your passions! There are tons of opportunities to do all sorts of things all around the university to do research, write, and ...

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Mackenzie Manley

Mackenzie Manley

“"You are more than your job, career and major. Most of us are still trying to figure ourselves out post-graduation. It’s important to find …

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Brittany Smart

Brittany Smart

"Don’t give up! Everything seems overwhelming at first, because you are learning a new language (the language of graduate-level academic theory and research) …

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Shelly Deavy

Shelly Deavy

"Being an English major and learning from great faculty helps you think about the power of language. In the work that I do …

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