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Real Ambition, Real Success
NKU’s History Department provides students with the skills and experiences needed to create fulfilling lives and careers. Graduates may choose to pursue programs in history, social studies, Black studies, geography, women’s and gender studies, and public history. Regardless of the program or track you choose, our award-winning, dedicated faculty will prioritize discovery and creativity each step along the way.
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Our programs are ideally suited to those who aspire to:

  • Pursue excellence in teaching, writing, research, and community engagement
  • Communicate effectively about the stories of the past and present
  • Become explorers, storytellers, educators, and activists
  • Discover who you are as an individual and global citizen

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Unique Student Experiences & Opportunities

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Your education may start in a classroom, but that’s just the beginning. At NKU, you won't just learn on campus, you'll learn on the job.

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Career Readiness

Our programs enable students to pursue jobs in a variety of fields in which critical thinking, creative problem solving, and research play a role.


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You may qualify for one of our many merit- and needs-based scholarships.

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Emilee Hunt

Emilee Hunt

Graduating Year: Spring 2023

Education: History with focus in Public History and Educational Studies, earned a microcredential in Global Awareness

Career: In the future, Emilee hopes to continue her relationships with NKU, either as a professor or working directly with students who have financial barriers

“The History Department is full of professors who teach you in a way that feels like a collaboration. I am more than comfortable to bounce my research ideas off of the various professors who continually encourage me and provide multiple resources that I may not have known to be available. In the History Department, I am not only a student; I am a valued researcher.”

What they do: Currently, Emilee has focused her research studies on the history of Northern Kentucky. She gained opportunities to be a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Brian Hackett and Professor Kathleen Quinn. Both of those experiences allowed her to see different teaching styles and grow as an educator herself

Career path: Currently works part time at Brighton Center as a Talent Development Specialist at the Kentucky Career Center