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The Department of Political Science, Criminal Justice and Organizational Leadership provides students with everything they need to become engaged citizens and influential professionals. Graduates may choose to pursue successful careers in a range of fields, or, if they prefer, continue on to grad school, law school or the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program.
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Our programs are ideally suited to those who aspire to:

  • Grasp and master the intricacies of politics and government
  • Enter law enforcement or assume a key role in the judicial process
  • Develop managerial skills for supervisory positions in public administration and organizational leadership
  • Pursue careers in foreign service or international business.

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Unique Student Experiences & Opportunities

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Your education may start in a classroom, but that’s just the beginning. At NKU, you won't just learn on campus, you'll learn on the job.

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Student Orgs & Clubs

Our student organizations and clubs bring students together outside the classroom to share common interests, challenge themselves, and make connections. Whatever your interest, we’ve got a group for you.

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You may qualify for one of our many merit- and needs-based scholarships.

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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Graduating Year: 2024

Education: BA in Law, 3+3 program, starting at Chase Law in Fall 2023

Career: She plans on specializing in civil suits, real estate, or maybe even criminal defense.

“My advice to potential students is to always show-up to class. The professors are amazing and they are really preparing you for your next steps.”

What they do: Currently a Legal Assistant at Adams Law PLLC

Necessary job skills: Analytics skills, critical thinking, legal communication

Career path: She plans on specializing in civil suits, real estate, or maybe even criminal defense.