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Dr. Suk-hee Kim

Dr. Suk-hee Kim was featured by NKU Magazine in honor of International Women's Day! The article highlights her impactful work at NKU and throughout the national social work community. Congratulations!

Ron Haley at Zembrodt Education Center

Fall 2023 BSW Graduate Ron Haley was featured in The Northern Kentucky Tribune for his work as an intern atThe Point/Arc. Ron, who has navigated college with his own disabilities, now assists individuals withintellectual and developmental disabilities with job skills and career transitions. Congratulations Ron!

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Katie Terhune

Dr. Katie Terhune's work made ˿APP the first institution in Kentucky to join the global age-friendly university initiative.

Congratulations to Dr. Katie Terhune, who is involved in the global initiative along with 31 other universities, who highlight the role higher education can play in responding to the opportunities and challenges associated with our aging population.

Dr. Katie Terhune Honors Class

Congratulations Dr. Terhune, whose honors course"Unveiling Ageism: Understanding and Disruptingthe Forgotten Discrimination" and other age-focused work was recently featured in theNKUMagazinearticle "Changing Hearts andMinds"!

Social Work Professors Posing with Donated Gifts

We love to spread the LOVE - School of Social Work sponsors Christmas gifts for a family from Bethany House!

Licensure Prep Course Flyer

This licensure exam prep course is offered by Dr. D through Zoom on March 23 & 24 2024. Dr. D. is nationally renowned for her prep course.We are offering this course at a significantly reduced rate! We highly encourage our students to participate in this course as we believe it will substantially boost licensure exam pass rates.

Officer Murray and K-9 Officer Athena and a group of students

Officer Murray and K-9 Officer Athena visited Dr. Tara McLendon's Field class!

Hannah Miller

NKU Student Spotlight: Hannah Miller! Hannah, a Social Work Major and Social Justice Minor, reflects on her time at NKU and her favorite aspects of being an NKU student in this article.

Shelby Wall Playing Soccer

NKU Social Work Major and Women’s Soccer’s Shelby Wall named Horizon League All-Academic Honorable Mention. See the attached article to read more about one of our terrific students and her accomplishments on the soccer field!

Photo of Dr. Linda Ault, Interim SOSW Director

Dr. Linda Ault Retires

Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Linda Ault! Dr. Ault was the Interim Director of the School of Social Work at ˿APP. She held a doctorate and master of social work from University of Kentucky, College of Social Work. She developed the Master of Social Work, and served NKU as Directors of the Bachelor and Master Social Work Programs. She had over 20 years of teaching experience at NKU and the University of Kentucky including substance abuse, forensics, child abuse, and generalist practice. Dr. Ault held a number of professional memberships, including the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). She was a long-time member of the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE), serving as accreditation site visitor and consulting journal editor. She published in professional journals, and gave numerous presentations from local and state, to national and international conferences.


Dr. Ault was a Fulbright Scholar working with Ternopil Pedagogical University, Ukraine. Dr. Ault was an international social work researcher, participating in CSWE study of the social work profession with the University of Havana, Cuba. Dr. Ault also served on the Board of Directors of Project Casa Mare assisting the Republic of Moldova Master of Social Work programs. As an International Social Work Educator, she helped develop MSW study abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, London, England, and Kildare, Ireland.

Dr. Ault had over twenty-five years of professional experience; including administration, consultant, clinical supervisor, substance abuse, family therapy, and counselor in juvenile community services. She worked for the American Correctional Association as a juvenile community-based treatment consultant, accreditation auditor, and trainer. As a private consultant, Dr. Ault assisted state and local jurisdictions in juvenile delinquency prevention, educational transition services, and program development. She served on national and state juvenile justice policy and accreditation standards committees. We wish you the very best in your retirement!

Photo of Elyssa Carmony receiving the Graduate Student Celebration Award for 2022

Elyssa Carmony Receives the Graduate Student Celebration Award

Congratulations to MSW student Elyssa Carmony, who won the award for “best presentation by a graduate student” at the recent NKU Celebration of Student Research and Creativity. Ms. Carmony’s presentation was reviewed and selected as the winner by a committee of faculty from across the university. Her presentation was titled “The Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Eating Disorders.” Ms. Carmony will graduate in May 2022, and the SSW team is so proud!


Ms. Carmony’s capstone project explored current diagnoses and
connections between eating disorders and borderline personality disorder. Her
presentation abstract is included below:

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) and eating disorders have grown to be more commonly known after their portrayal in media and increased representation in research. There has been minimal research regarding the association between these diagnoses. This cross-sectional study used a brief survey to examine the relationship between symptoms of BPD and the five eating disorder diagnoses listed in the DSM V. Findings examined the connection and potential crossover of symptoms and provided information that can help professionals apply improved treatment methods and explore preventative measures against developing an eating disorder as a direct or in-direct result of BPD symptoms.

Dr. Katherina Terhune Preserving a Legacy by Giving Back

Preserving and Legacy

Catch up with MSW Program Director, Katherina Terhune, on how she preserves her sister's legacy by giving back.

Dr. Suk-hee Kim Awarded NIH Federal Grant Subaward through University of Cincinnati

Dr. Suk-hee Kim receives NIH Federal Grant Subaward through University of Cincinnati

Congratulations to Dr. Suk-hee Kim on receiving the NIH Federal Grant Subaward through the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

The HEALing (Helping to End Addiction Long-Term) Communities Study is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health, in partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Optimizing HEALing in Ohio Communities is a project with Addiction Sciences, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience Department, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. ˿APP has been sub awarded to conduct essential functions to carry out the proposed study. Dr. Suk-hee Kim, associate professor, in the CHHS’ School of Social Work at NKU, will closely work with the University of Cincinnati Criminal Justice Intervention Design Team, provide expertise in the implementation of evidence-based practices in criminal justice settings, and serve as the County Lead for the Criminal Justice Intervention Design Team in Guernsey County in Ohio over the study period.

Dr. Suk-hee Kim receives the National CORSW Community Impact Award

Dr. Suk-hee Kim receives the National CORSW Community Impact Award

Congratulations to ˿APP’sDr. Suk-hee Kim, who received the Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work

Education (CORSW) Community Impact Award, a national recognition that celebrates feminist leadership models in social work education. See the link for more details about her significant accomplishment!