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China, India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Vietnam, France...

These are just a few of the more than 55 countries represented in ╦┐╣¤APP's student body. Students come to NKU from around the world for many reasons. Our reputation for educational excellence is global. Our location in Cincinnati and our proximity to other major US cities is superb. And the opportunities and experiences we offer are transformational.

╦┐╣¤APP students turn their passions into success stories. With more than 72 majors and over 14,000 students, NKU offers something for everyone ÔÇô rigorous courses, innovative research opportunities, outlets for creative expression and much more. International Student & Scholar Services will support you each step of the way, from admissions to graduation and beyond.

Why Choose NKU?



With the city of Cincinnati just a short drive away, NKU has the benefit of being next to a city that is ranked among the "Best Places to Live" (U.S. News), scoring highest on╠řvalue╠řand╠řjob market. With several Fortune 500 companies bringing national and international talent, it's no wonder our students are drawn to the area!



At NKU, not only do we start with an affordable╠řtuition rate, but every international student is automatically considered* for a╠řmerit-based scholarship╠řat the time of admission, with students last year receiving over $6,000 on average in annual international merit aid.



NKU has consistently be ranked among the╠řsafest colleges in the U.S., recently being listed 3rd in the 2018 list of Safest College Campuses in America.

International students talking in a group outside at NKU