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Success by Design

Success by Design's framework will guide how NKU delivers support, services, and programs to all learners — not just traditional students — by meeting the learners where they are in their educational journey.

After gathering and assessing input from all campus constituents during our design phase, four student success impact projects emerged. Cross-divisional teams have been appointed to lead these campus-wide projects with implementation beginning in earnest.  We will continually track the progress of each impact project, as well as the combined efforts of faculty and staff across campus.

SBD timeline: design, implementation, progress
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NKU will become a
preferred destination
for learners.

SBD four student success impact projects: Tripwire Identification; Degree, Co-Curricular & Career Mapping; Advising & Coordinated Care; High Impact Practices

SBD Impact Projects

Success by Design has advanced to an exciting, action-oriented phase centered around four student success impact projects: 1) Tripwire Identification, 2) Advising and Coordinated Care, 3) Degree, Co-curricular and Career Mapping and 4) High-Impact Practices.  Cross-divisional teams are working swiftly to draft proposals for policy changes and launch new initiatives aimed at making a lasting impact on the overall student experience.

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NKU will support all
students at every stage
of their academic journey.

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Tracking Progress

Metrics can be seen as the bridge between the vision of the institution and the execution of the strategic plan.  A set of indicators that helps us determine if we are headed in the right direction, at the right pace, and with the right resources.

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NKU will connect
students to their future
and the region.

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Moon Shot for Equity

The Moon Shot for Equity is a collaborative project led by education firm EAB, that aims to close equity gaps within regional clusters of two- and four-year colleges and universities by 2030.  NKU and its partners work together to leverage our collective wisdom and efforts to change the opportunity landscape of the region, with added support and resources from local and national partners.

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Latest News & Resources

  • 2022 moon shot convening video screen shot

    Replay the Moon Shot for Equity Regional Convening Video

    April 15, 2022 - The first regional meeting of the Greater Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky cohort was held on April 5th with over 250 attendees. After months of information and data gathering, faculty and staff from the four participating institutions, as well as several community partners, convened to formally kick off the initiative [...]

  • Replay the Student Success Summit

    Replay the Student Success Summit

    January 14, 2022 - Replay the celebration of NKU CARE and the ongoing efforts of areas across campus to support students. Video includes a panel discussion with representatives from the Southeastern Wisconsin region, the first region selection for EAB's Moon Shot for Equity [...]

  • Moon Shot for Equity Presentation 09/21/21

    Moon Shot for Equity Presentation 09/21/21

    Replay the EAB presentation, featuring speaker, Brittany Motley, to learn more about the Moon Shot for Equity and how it will be implemented at ˿APP.

  • Replay the Moon Shot for Equity Press Conference

    Replay the Moon Shot for Equity Press Conference

    Replay the live video feed from the Moon Shot for Equity press conference held September 15.

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